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Imagine Your Child With Confidence in MATH..
I know that this may sound impossible because the parents that come to us think the same thing. However after working with hundreds of kids and parents I've been able to solve almost all math challenges. Here's what parents say after:
"I highly recommend Dr. Pan.  She is a great motivator and math fear conqueror, helping her student reach their full potential.   She is also an excellent parent communicator.  She would be an excellent ally in any child’s math education.  She has certainly helped shape my child ’s future."

-G. Hou, MD

"Emily came home yesterday with a 100% on her first math test and was ecstatic! It was an extra bonus that yesterday was her birthday.”

- Ann C., PhD

Why is Math Different From Other School Subjects?
Math Ties to Self-Esteem - From working with hundreds of kids, I've seen the amazing change in confidence  from when kids come in struggling in math and when they "graduate"  knowing that they can do math. Often this new ability  carries over to other aspects  of their lives!
Math Is Essential to Tomorrow's Careers - In the global economy of the future, math is the foundation of most of the desirable career paths, more so than other subjects in school. This includes engineering, analytics, science, finance and medicine. In all these areas, it is essential that the student reaches Calculus by senior year in high school.
Math Builds on Itself - If a student starts to struggle with math in the sixth grade, chances are this will not go away. This is because, unlike other subjects, math builds on itself. Knowledge of fractions in the sixth grade is essential for Algebra in the ninth grade.
Most schools teach math well, but where they fall short is:
- Teaching kids how to learn.
- Catching understanding gaps that lead to math struggle.
- Focusing on a few crucial math skills rather than hundreds of math topics.
- Guarding a child's confidence.

This is where we step in to fill the missing pieces through 1-on-1 work together, videos, and e-courses for you and your child.
To request more information about what it would look like to get the guidance and the support your child needs to put them on the path to success in school and life, please fill out the contact form. I'll then request a recent test or homework, analyze it and then reply with a list of suggestions at no charge.
Greetings, I'm Dr. Pan

Why do so many parents trust me to guide their children to doing better in math and put them on the path to a better future? Even though I have advanced degrees in engineering and science, what I really care about is cracking the code to help kids succeed in math so that all doors are open to them. I'm a Mom, an Educator, a YouTube Creator  but most important of all, GUARDIAN OF DREAMS.

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