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The year was 2003, and just like you, we were deeply concerned about our own kids' education future. 

It felt times had changed: Skills needed to stay ahead in the emerging global economy were not adequately taught in school because of  years of funding cuts.

Teachers got burned out and students got left behind. 

 The education system built in the industrial age was falling behind and becoming inadequate.


I wanted something better for my kids.

So we built a supportive village and taught other parents how to take charge of their kids' academic well-being.

I believe academic future of our kids is in our hands.

Behind every successful student is a proactive parent.

Before: Parents dropped us off at school in the 1st grade and we graduated high school 12 years later. The school system took care of our education.

Things have changed.

1. Education is no longer confined to traditional schools (home school, charter school, videos, e-courses, distance learning)

2. The world has evolved, schools have not. Schools still prepare students for the industrial age. We are living in the information age.

Parents need information how to navigate the education system to prepare their kids for the information age.

Math and the skills required for math (critical thinking, problem solving, organization) are central for success in the information age.

We at Door-2-Math have lived and breathed these concepts for the past 15 years.

We want to help you to guide your child through the education landscape so that their dreams happen.

You have the power, we'd like to help with inspiration, information and content. Join us. It's a about the kids and their future.

Leaving Math to the old system Jeopardizes Our Kids' Math Future. 

parents need Math road maps and academic blue print.

Door-2-Math is an educational platform where parents can take charge and learn how to navigate k-12 math.

We walked in your shoes. We are parents who were deeply concerned about our kids' future freedom to pursue their passion.  We welcome you to our tribe, our village and our family.  We want to help you to become your child's education partner.

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