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We don't want them to struggle in math.
We want them be free to choose their path in life.
Yet more than any school subject, math gets in the way.

I am Feenix Pan, a leading Math comprehension expert, with a PhD in Optics.

I, too, struggled with Math as a child.  

I was born in a cave and grew up in a small remote village in China.

As a child, I did so poorly in Math, that my teacher actually threw a book at me during class. (I have the scar to prove it!) Luckily, another teacher realized that it was not my intelligence, it was my learning style that was preventing me from grasping math concepts. With time and practice, I developed the skills to learn how to learn.

As a result, I know that with proper guidance, any child can be a success.

We Can Help You Get There.

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