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“[Dr. Pan] worked with my 5th grader who was struggling with many of her math facts. Feenix’s methods of positive reinforcement and repetition have my daughter now excited about trying to figure out math problems.
Dare we call Feenix the Math whisperer? BIG thank you to your skills, kindness and confidence boosting Feenix!!!”
-Karen A.

"Kaitlyn is doing very well. Working with [Dr. Pan] really did change her life. She gained faith in herself that she could do math and science."
- Kathleen P., Patient Advocate

"Our child is about midway through Dr. Pan's program and has made significant progress. He is now toward the top thanks to Dr. Pan's unique teaching style and dedication. "
-R.H. DDS,

"Dr. Pan, we cannot begin to tell you how excited we are that you are working with our daughter.  While all children are unique, Amanda is a truly unique learner.  It is very difficult to find people who understand her learning style.  Amanda connected with you right away.  You were respectful and did not treat her as ignorant because of her difficulty in math.  Amanda gets very offended (we all do but it is magnified for Amanda) by people who treat her as ignorant.  She absolutely loves you and believes that you will help her overcome her math difficulties."
-Toni E., teacher and mother of a 5th grader

"I highly recommend Dr. Pan.  She is a great motivator and math fear conqueror, helping her student reach their full potential.   She is also an excellent parent communicator.  She would be an excellent ally in any child’s math education.  She has certainly helped shape my child ’s future."
-G. Hou, M.D.

"Dr. Pan, I got an A on my math test yesterday. And I was the only one who got an A in my math class! "
-M. A., 6th grader

"Emily came home yesterday with a 100% on her first math test and was ecstatic! It was an extra bonus that yesterday was her birthday.”
-Ann C., Ph.D., Dean of Math and Science and mother of a 5th grader

"Dr. Pan, this was definitely the easier way to do math!”
- Emily F.,

"Dr. Pan’s coaching sessions are extremely helpful!”
- Diego L.,

"I’ve never seen math this way before.  Now it all make sense, Dr. Pan!”
-Dallas W., 6th grader

"I wish someone could have shown me how to solve this problem this way before.  Now I get it!”
- Cristina S.,

"I’ve never learned so much math and still have so much fun!”
- Emily C.,  4th grader

“ Of all the opportunities that we had to bring positive influences into our daughter's life, Dr. Pan ranks at the top.”
- Eric B., M.D.

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